50th Anniversary Posters!

Okay, so I am officially the worst blogger! We’re going to make this one a #ThrowbackThursday, since I can never seem to post things when they’re happening.

My grandparent’s 50th Anniversary was in December, and we threw them a great big wedding-sized celebration, complete with jazz combo and 20-minute picture slideshow.

My aunt asked if I could create a poster for the party, inspired by some cute chalkboard illustrations she’d seen on Pinterest. However, since I was moving the week of the party, I didn’t have a chance to work on it until the day of. While everyone else was laying out table cloths and stringing golden bulbs from the centerpieces, I sat on my laptop and cranked out a poster for us to display.

I got it done with time to spare, although getting it printed that same afternoon was a miracle in and of itself (thanks Staples!). I had a gold picture frame laying around at home (which luckily I hadn’t thrown out in the pre-moving-decluttering) and Voila! A masterpiece!

Okay, so it wasn’t quite a masterpiece. When we blew it up I noticed a few small mistakes, but hey, it was a rushed job. But here’s an updated version for your viewing pleasure:


Not bad for two hours.

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