On Odd Jobs and New Experiences

Ever since I was an infant, I’ve had a bad case of FOMO.

Seriously, the worst. Even today I have a hard time going to sleep if there are things happening around me because I don’t want to miss a minute of it.

Now add to that my belief that as a writer, everything is research. Every conversation I have and new person I meet informs my writing, and I feel like, in the long run, the more I do the better I will be able to write.

Since I was a teenager I’ve been a babysitter, a nanny, a writing tutor, a copywriter, editor, a retail associate at a clothing store, a cashier/sandwich maker/dish washer/ at a restaurant, a curriculum development intern, a broadside editor, a marketing and design assistant, a co-cordinator for a weekly international students activity, an administrative assistant, a graphic designer, web designer, substitute teacher, and delivery driver.

And that’s just the paid positions.

If you count volunteer positions you can add social media manager, webmaster, genealogy specialist. I’ve picked chilies and painted fire hydrants. I’ve been an English major and a design student.

I’ve become a collector of experiences.

Which is why last October, when I was contemplating my next adventure and an opportunity presented itself, I took it. Three weeks ago, I packed up my car, drove across the country, and ended up here, in Orlando, Florida.

IMG_2829It’s an experience I’ve wanted to collect since I was a teenager, and I couldn’t be happier.


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