On Finishing

I have three resolutions this year:

  1. Don’t get attacked by an alligator
  2. Become better at Crossword puzzles
  3. Publish more on my blog.

Looking back over the last 8 months, I know it’s not that I didn’t do anything worth writing about that was the problem. It wasn’t even that I didn’t write anything—I did. I have a Scrivener file full of blog posts at varying levels of completion. But I just have a hard time finishing them up and hitting “publish.”

I think a large part of it is my problem with being a perfectionist. I have to tell that part of my brain that I don’t need a professional editor to look over my post before I hit submit. I don’t need to call my mom or my friends and have them read it to make sure it’s okay. It’s just a blog post, and I’m perfectly capable of submitting in on my own.

The other problem is that I tend to be a big-picture person. I have a weird combination of ADHD and OCD, which is good for some things, like design, but makes other things unnecessarily complicated. Sometimes once I get my thoughts down on paper, I don’t have the attention span to polish them up, or, on the flip side, I spend so long focusing on tiny, unimportant details that I lose the energy to finish.

For work and school projects I just power through it. But for side projects, when the little voice in my head says, “You know, you don’t really have to finish this. Your deadline is self-imposed and completely arbitrary,” it makes it a little more complicated.

So, if, over the next few weeks, there’s a disproportionate amount of posts, it’s because I’m powering through, and I’m finishing up all my (blog) WIPs. Even if they’re too long or too short or aren’t organized as clearly as I would like, I’m challenging myself to Just Do It (*Mental Image of Shia LaBeouf here*) and let things be imperfect and messy and done.

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